Overview: Your company is interested in learning more about cloud computing and the varying services offered. The head of the IT department has handed you a list of cloud-based organizations—he doesn’t have time to put together a report for the CEO that explains what cloud computing does and how it might benefit the organization. That, of course, is why YOU got the list.

For each of the organizations on the list, you are to report back on the following:

What is the organization’s primary cloud function—what advantages might the organization have over another organization that provides the same product or service?
What type of cloud computing service model is the organization using?
Does the organization provide any type of cloud deployment model? If so, what is it and why might your organization choose the company you are reporting about over another one?
What “promises” of a secure cloud environment does the organization highlight? Are those considerations important to your company? Why?
The list of organizations you were given to evaluate contains the following:
• Apple iCloud
• Amazon Web Services
• Google Docs
• Windows Azure
• Salesforce.com
Please ensure you refer to the rubric for details on the requirements for this assignment

Assignment 2:
Due Date: 01/21/2018, 6pm est
There are a varied opinions among experts as to whether Facebook is a SaaS or a PaaS. Justify your position on which type of cloud computing solution you think Facebook uses.
Analyze the SaaS characteristics and present your argument for which type of solution you believe it is. Include a description of what you believe to be the most appropriate deployment model for a social media site such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

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