Use your textbooks to complete the following:

From your Visual Communication: Images with Messages text read:
Chapter 4, "Visual Persuasion," pages 72–97.
These readings will help you understand how critical good color combinations are to images and design.

From your The Non-Designer’s Design Book text read:
Chapter 7, "Design With Color," pages 95–112.

Unit 2 Assignments 1 Instructions:
[u02a1] Unit 2 Assignment 1
Color Project
For this project, you will create a collection of colored squares. This will be the start of your color palette for your design project. Include all the primaries and secondaries. For each of these, find or create two tints, two shades and two tones. Label some of your colors Happy, Sad, Angry and Peaceful.

Using only simple shapes and lines and your knowledge from the Unit 1 project, chose two of the following emotions and create a color design that reflects the chosen emotions:

Focus on how best to apply the principles of design to enhance your concepts. For each part of the project, brainstorm about all the possible ways to represent the words visually. You may find it necessary to make many attempts until you create the most effective solution.

Remember that design is enhanced by quality color choices. The images in your quiz in this unit are examples of abstract design creations using shapes and color. Decide how many and what combination of shapes will produce the words.

Each design must exhibit the principles of design as presented in your readings and texts. Although the different sources may have presented design in slightly different terms, the general concepts remain the same. Remember, there is not one correct answer or solution to these projects. There are simply more effective and less effective visual solutions. Your goal is to create the most effective and visually compelling design.

Your projects should meet the following requirements:

Use only simple geometric shapes, forms, and lines.
Do not use photographic, symbolic, or representational elements.
Designs must be in color.
Images must be no larger than 1,200 x 1,200 pixels or 16 inches by 16 inches at 72 pixels per inch
Save the initial color palette and the two design files in JPEG or PDF format for submission (remember to also keep a file of the project in the original file format on your computer to be used for future revisions).
Include a brief description for each design that explains how you used the principles of design to meet the project requirements.
Options for Drawing
Most electronic drawing applications provide the option to save your work as a JPEG or PDF file, and you will need to choose a software program with this option to complete your course project. The suggested programs for this assignment are GIMP (available free from or Microsoft PowerPoint.

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