Choose an environmental issue such as pollution, climate change, global warming, deforestation, water pollution, industrial and household waste

CMP 125 Research Writing

Third Research Paper


Thesis Statement – Due Monday, April 2nd

Wednesday, April 4th- Library Research

Rough Draft- Due Friday, April 6th

Final Copy – Due Monday, April 9th


Choose an environmental issue such as pollution, climate change, global warming,  deforestation, water pollution, industrial and household waste, acid rain, or ozone layer depletion. Research the scope of the problem, detail the consequences and suggest solutions that could be put into effect which would positively impact the environment.


Reference at least one of the sources we have discussed in class. Find and utilize at least five other academic sources to support your thesis statement.

Length:  5-7 pages


Cite examples from these sources to support your thesis using MLA format.  Keep your ideas in the forefront and use material from other academic sources for support. In each paragraph your ideas should come first and usually last: state the idea, use evidence from other sources to back up your idea, and then interpret the evidence. Present opposing viewpoints which you counter with sources which refute the opposition.

Do not simply summarize the texts you reference in your paper, rather utilize evidence from the sources to support your ideas.  All sources must be acknowledged within the text and in the Works Cited page. Follow MLA format for text citations and for a Works Cited page.


Be sure to have a clear introduction and thesis which is your theme for the paper.  Check to be sure the body of your essay provides a unified development of your theme and that your conclusion is a cogent summary of your thesis and main points.


Papers must be submitted at the beginning of class, hard copy, double spaced, 12 point type, 1 1/2” margins, staple upper left.  Use MLA format (text citations and Works Cited page), and proof for factual, spelling, and grammatical errors. No electronic submissions.

A separate cover page including the title of the paper, name, class details, including section, due date and a separate Works Cited page must be submitted, but not included in the number of pages for the assignment.

Audience:  General, college educated. Use a relatively formal style, third person only (no “I,” “we,” “our,” “you,” “your”).

Format for MLA citations, Grammar, Punctuation, etc. as per Hacker and Sommers, A Pocket Style Manual

Finished copy – Proof read for typos, grammatical errors, sentence structure, etc. Remember, you can lose up to 20 points for grammatical and punctuation errors (1 point each).

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