Choose a topic in Solar System or Stellar or Galactic astronomy that you or your group would like to write a research paper on. Groups can have one or two people, but since the course is on line you can also do your own personal paper. You will write a 4 page paper (without title page or citations) if you are by yourself and if you have two people in your group then it should be 5-6 pages.
Some examples of a topics that you could choose from are: A moon or planet of the solar system explaining what we discovered about that moon, northern lights or you could choose black holes, pulsars, Galaxies or any other topic in Astronomy.
Individual people will write a 4 page paper double spaced 1” margins and use 12 point fonts with citations in APA format.
Groups of Two – writing 2-3 pages double spaced typed with 1”margins all around and 12 pt. fonts and the paper in APA style format.
Research should be from books, Internet or from periodicals. Cite source materials and use more than one source with a minimum of 5 sources and the paper in APA style format. You do not need to make the summary at the beginning. All sources should not be from the internet and listed at the end of paper. Check all internet sources for credibility.
Grading criteria:
Write in own words (Not word for word from source unless quoting.)
Does it explain the material clearly or does it ramble. It should be scholarly and you should say what you think is the most fascinating about your topic. It should show some critical thinking on the topic.
If in groups of two, then you both need to work on the paper and should list amount of hours each put into the project at the end of the paper before the citations. You should list your citations and footnote any direct quotes.
You should have a title page with title, authors names and date.
A course message giving your topic and group members name is due Feb 26 at 10:00pm.
The Final Project Due April 25th, 2018 at midnight.

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