Change is inevitable, and it seems to be even more common as the world rapidly becomes globalized. You know that BANKS Industries is about to reorganize a number of departments, and your team is likely to be affected. As you prepare for this process, you start to think about how you will handle this news and communicate with your team, especially given the diverse needs of your team members.

Using the module readings, the Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet, research cultural communication and courtesies. Then, based on your communication strategy for handling change, prepare a case study that addresses the following:

  • What challenges does change represent when considering the reactions of a diverse team? What are the barriers you might encounter?
  • How will you communicate the need for change with your team, while addressing the team members’ diverse needs?
  • How does a lack of consideration for differences cause communication to fail? Provide an example.

Write an 8–10-page paper in Microsoft Word format.

BANKS Industries is a manufacturing company located in Centervale. A US-based organization, BANKS’s major product line is electronics components. BANKS has just over two hundred employees at its main plant in Centervale but recently acquired a new subsidiary in China. This acquisition added close to one hundred employees, and their expertise in a new line of personal computing devices. BANKS expected these devices to give it a competitive advantage in its market, and with the product line continuing to grow.


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