Case: Managing the Move to the Cloud – Analyzing the Risks and Opportunities of Cloud-based Accounting Information Systems


  • Which Cloud-based accounting information systems should Pia select and why?
  • Should Pia be worried about possible lock-in with either accountant or system provider?
  • How should Pia mitigate the possible data security risks?
  • Is price an important factor when choosing the system?
  • What is the optimal division of work between Pia and the accountant? Should Pia outsource all the accounting task, use selective outsourcing, or keep all tasks to herself?
    Evaluate each accounting task on their suitability to outsourcing in the cloud context. Use Table 3 provided in Appendix 1 and discuss the implications of your choice.
  • How to ensure a goof fit between the selected system and the work arrangement?
  • What are the transaction costs incurred by the decision?
  • What about long term strategy? Reflect on the implications of your choice in the future.


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