Carrefour a food retail-based company that is in need of consulting pertaining to a particular issue . That issue, discovered by your group, the media or an admission by the particular company, will need to be resolved. Below I an outline


1. Introduction a. Description of organization b. Description of product/service c. Rationale behind the company’s selection – Hypothesis

2. Company Analysis (i.e. opportunities and challenges of the external environment of the firm) a. Political and legal analysis b. Economic and financial analysis c. Cultural analysis (e.g. cultural dimensions, norms, ethical issues) d. Commercial analysis (e.g. demand, industry, and / or competitive analysis)

3. Internal Analysis a. Strategic goals/objectives (in general and for going international) b. Company strengths and weaknesses (especially with regard to going international) c. Entry mode (alternatives and justified recommendations) d. Product/service adaptation (justified recommendations on product/service and price)

4. Implementation Issues a. Timeline (major and minor steps now through post-implementation evaluation period) b. Financing (e.g. required investment levels within a timeframe, funding sources) c. HR systems (e.g. staffing policy, training, compensation system, with justification) d. Marketing/advertising approach (e.g. advertising methods, approach to global marketing) e. Control and evaluation systems

5. Conclusion

Min 15 pages , double spaced, 12 Times

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