Career: Business Administration with concentration in Management
• Philosopher: Plato
• Theory: Objectivist Justice
• Dilemma: A dilemma I believe I could be involved in as I grow on my career could be maybe doing business with someone and knowing what the fair amount of money I should be getting out of certain transaction but still wanting to gain more because looking for my business to grow would always be my intention, although I shouldn’t do it to the point where I leave my morals aside. I live my life trying to put myself in other’s shoes and trying to be fair in my decisions and actions.

10 sources
– Plato’s The Republic
-2 secondary sources about The Republic (essays, articles…)
-3 primary sources on dilemma (specific article or event that happened to someone in my career) (magazine, newspaper like the NY Times or Washington Post)
-2 secondary sources about the dilemma (epsco holes, proquest..)
-2 sources anything you need to look for to help along the way (gov. websites, licensing websites, university websites…)

– Intro:
o Opening/attention grabber
o Set up background
o Main subject: dilemma in career
o Then: to thesis
o Thesis stated specific theory > analyze > proving theory with dilemma
o Don’t solve the problem not a proposal
o Analyzing dilemma form point of view from theory
o “what would you say about this dilemma?”
o Thesis: what you’re going to prove from analysis

– Part I
o In depth explain dilemma itself
o Career; responsibilities
o Where does the dilemma arise?
o What is the dilemma
o Factors
o Policies
o Effects consequences on dilemma

– Transition paragraph
o Explanation of theory
o Justification
o Why this theory on that dilemma?
o Your point of view
o How this theory has something in common with dilemma or career
o Option 2: world view that matches the world view of the profession itself
 Ex) Kant. Categorical imperative to analyze medicine

– Part II
o Explain ethical theory itself
o Primary source and secondary source

– Part III
o Apply theory to dilemma
o Use theory to analyze dilemma and figure out what the philosopher would say about the dilemma
o NOT vague
o Synthesis
o Use quotes from sources to back up your theory

– Conclusion
o Tie up loose ends/unanswered questions
o Explore consequences
o New questions that need further research
o Implications that would affect the job
– Reference page/Work Cited APA

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