Best Practices for the Development of Chapter 1

The concept of “best practices” can be applied to most every industry and process. Although there is no single template for a successful dissertation, it is possible to identify and employ best practices along the dissertation development process. These practices can be the result of learned and shared experiences from others who have successfully completed research, or those that are currently working toward that goal.

To prepare for this Discussion, reflect on your personal experiences, to date, on the development of your prospectus and any work you have completed toward your proposal. Also, revisit the Dissertation Rubric with an eye toward best practices. With these thoughts in mind, reply to the following:

Discuss strategies for working with your committee that relate to the development of Chapter 1 of your proposal. What particular challenges do you foresee in working with your committee on this chapter?

Consider the following scenario: Suppose that you have been given advice from your chair that conflicts with the advice of a committee member. How would you handle this conflict? Perhaps you feel that your chair and the committee member are pulling you in opposite directions. What responsibility do you have to resolve this tension so that your dissertation can move forward? How would you communicate this to the parties involved and how might you resolve this issue?

What have you learned from your experiences, to date, that would constitute a best practice? Consider that this could be the result of both positive and negative experiences. Post by Day 2 of Week 2 your reflections on the preceding questions.

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