Assume the role of the Operations Manager for a company of your choice and, through working with relevant managers, prepare a report, for your Chairman and CEO, on Operations and Strategic Management effectiveness by addressing the following requirements:

Task 1

Explain and evaluate how operations management activities contribute to your organisation’s business strategy and customer demands. Within your response you should:

 Explain the significance of the five performance objectives that underpin effective operations management and analyse the operations functions of a selected two selected organisation.

 Assess the roles of staff and the different departments in your organisation when implementing the business strategy.

 Select and evaluate SMART targets to use in monitoring progress of staff within the new strategy.

 Construct and present the importance of personal development plans which cover:

§ Assessment of own skills and competencies

§ Identification of personal development needs

§ The importance of individual time management skills and ability to work with others

 Evaluate and summarise key findings of the benefits of self-managed learning to individuals and their organisations.

Task 2

Explain and evaluate:

 The quality of systems and operations in two selected organisations and identify possible improvements that may be made.

 The role of organisational values (mission, vision, goals and competencies in strategy formulation and:

§ The factors to be considered when deciding strategic planning and the monitoring of that plan’s effectiveness and for a given organisation.

 Carry out an environmental audit of a selected organisation and evaluate its strategic position, using PESTEL and 5 Forces analyses.

 Use stakeholder analysis to identify stakeholder needs and the impact this has on the strategic position for the organisation.

Task 3

Explain and evaluate the contribution of information systems to procurement and supply chain efficiency in chosen organisations. Within your response, you should cover the advantages of e-procurement and IT systems for supply chain efficiency using a minimum of two other organisations for examples, as appropriate.

Word Count

Task 1 Presentation with notes and of 20 slides

Task 2 1500 words maximum

Task 3 1000 words maximum

Referencing and Professionalism 

No plagiarism.

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