This assignment will assess Competency 3: Explore legal issues affecting the management of a diverse workforce. Directions: Read the case of EEOC v. Management Hospitality of Racine, 666 F.3d 422 (7th Cir. 2012) summary found in Chapter 9 page 314-317 of your textbook. Write a paper, incorporating answers to case questions 1 through 5, found at the end of the case summary. Your written work should include discussion of the situation, responses to the case questions, and any other questions that your instructor sends. Include your description of how the situation should have been handled. Explain the court’s decision in the case. Do you agree? Support your position with additional research and analysis. Write your responses using correct grammar, APA citations, and analysis of the situation. As a guide, your paper should include 700-1000 words of content. Your title page. CoA and references do not count towards your word content. Do not rewrite the fact pattern in the case, just highlight any facts you determine are significant and impact your discussions (this should only be a paragraph). you will be graded on your analysis of the situation and how well you support your analysis with both the laws and the facts. Your analysis should be at a high level, meeting all content required in the assignment presented. All work should be completed following APA guidelines contained in the publications Manual, 6th edition. Please ensure that your work is properly cited. A failure to properly cite sources may result in a grade reduction or a grade of zero. Here are the 5 questions: 1. What were the legal issues in this case? What did the appeals court decide? 2. Why does the court agree that the employer failed to exercise reasonable care to prevent harassment? Why was its harassment policy not sufficient? 3. Why does the court agree that the employer failed to exercise reasonable care to correct harassment? That eht employees did not unreasonably fail to take advantage of the employer’s preventive and corrective measures? 4. The restaurant industry seems to produce more than its share of sexual harassment cases. What things about this industry might be conducive to problems with sexual harassment? 5. What should this employer have done differently?


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