Assignment: Case Study- Staffing

Assignment: Case Study- Staffing Please read the full case on page 424 of your text. River Oaks Community Hospital (ROCH) is a 70-bed private, for-profit health care facility established to treat alcohol/drug abusing and mentally ill individuals. The patient admission census at ROCH, once at near full capacity, is drastically declining. This is partly due to the increasing competition from both inpatient and outpatient facilities and to recent reimbursement changes due to an increased number of managed care-type insurers. With these decreased numbers in census, the CEO ordered staff reductions. Eventually all institutions and all industries face the necessity for retrenchment when revenues are not sufficient to cover expenses. Employee layoffs are a common response. You are a newly hired Director of Operations in this health care setting. The CEO is demanding staffing reductions be made in all departments, and each Director is given 24 hours to create a plan on how they would do this. Put yourself in the Director of Operations place and respond to the CEO’s “request”. Please read the full case on page 424 of your text for staffing details. In a 2-3 page paper, analyze how you would fulfill the CEO’s request. Some topics of focus you might consider are: · Contracting with outside agencies for services · Overtime · Elimination of positions, and how you would determine who would be terminated · Justification for remaining staff · Alternatived to layoffs · New revenue sources · Innovative methods to reduce labor costs · Workforce reductions through attrition and retirement Compose your analysis in APA format with a title page, introduction, conclusion and reference page. Cite 1-2 scholarly references beyond your text to support your opinions. To submit your assignment, click on the assignments tab on the course menu. Due: Sunday, midnight CT Points Possible: 50

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