Assignment 4. Globalization over time Individually, write an analysis of your selected element that answers the following questions

Assignment 4. Globalization over time
Individually, write an analysis of your selected element that answers the following questions [individual writing, max 1,500 words total].
1. How has your selected element been impacted by globalization over time?
2. What impacts have these changes had on local people?
Use of academic sources is required. You must cite at least one academic source. Use Chicago Style to format your bibliography. There is no maximum number of sources.

The various types of clothing that individuals wear on the picture can also accurately reflect the impact from the world market. The man walking toward has traditional Ecuador shirt and a climbing boot. This precisely present how this developing country on South America interact with the global market. In this regard, Ecuadorians profiting from petroleum and tropical fruits export and purchasing textile products from other countries. There are Latino-style decorative bags on the left sides of picture while people walk by on t-shirts printed with English words. The contradiction illustrates this country’s blend and changes from globalization. Trading in world markets brings Ecuadorian people new cultural and lifestyles that can be observed from peoples dressing. The boy on the left is on sports shorts and running shoes that might produce in Asia instead of its own small-scale manufacturing industries. Ecuador, like many other countries, participating the world market by its advantage on natural resources to exchange goods that it lacks. The benefits that come with such trade is that it utilizes this countries advantages on energy sources and agricultural products to earn its wealth, and then the importing from all around the world enrich people’s’ physical quality of life. As a participant of global market, Ecuador benefits from import not only can be found on aspect of culture, but also the individuals’ living standard.

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