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Assignment 3. Global Intellectual Capital – Cosmopolitan Outlook

Review the material below and articles and answer the following questions:

• Cultural Intelligence (Harvard Business Review, Earley & Mosakowski, 8 pages, good article, located in the Harvard course pack for this course)

• Cultural Acumen for the Global Manager (Org. Dynamics, Javidan & House, 17 pages, provides important learning about the GLOBE cultural dimensions, which are more robust than the old fashioned Hofstede cultural dimensions you may have learned about in your undergraduate program)

• Cosmopolitan Corporation (Harvard Business Review, Pankaj Ghemawat, 7 pages, a very interesting article, located in the Harvard course pack for this course on the course Homepage) https://hbr.org/2011/05/the-cosmopolitan-corporation

• The Curious Case of David Akey,(mini-case)

• Optional: GM Book Ch. 2 Cosmopolitan Outlook

1 What experiences in your personal and professional life contributed to your score on cosmopolitan outlook? How do you feel about your scores and are any of these GMI dimensions a focal point for you to develop going forward?

2 Has David done anything wrong? If so, what were his mistakes? What is David misunderstanding about his Chinese employees? How can David learn to be the leader he needs to be? What advice do you have?

3 How does this material help you, personally, enhance your global mindset capabilities and be a more effective leader and manager? Be specific by referring to the articles.

Optional: If you purchased the Global Mindset e-text, complete at least one of the recommendations/activities from the cosmopolitan outlook chapter to improve your competence in this dimension of global mindset, and share what you learned with your teammates. If the activity you chose requires a longer process, share with your teammates how much progress you’ve made.

Post answers to all the questions proposed in the assignment by 2/27 5:30pm

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