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Assignment 2: Miranda Rights
As you learned in your readings, before interrogating a suspect in police custody, the police need to inform the suspect about his or her constitutional rights.


Assume you are a high-ranking official in a law enforcement agency and have ten years of experience in the field. You have been asked to make a presentation to newly sworn police officers about Miranda rights. While the rules for how and when Miranda rights should be given to suspects used to be relatively simple, they have changed dramatically over the past few years.

Utilizing the Argosy University online library, research how Miranda rights and the interpretation of the application of the Fifth and Sixth Amendments to the US Constitution have changed over time.

Prepare a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation regarding these changes and address the following:

Describe the original Miranda case and the statements required for making a valid Miranda warning.

Explain under what circumstances Miranda rights are triggered.

Describe court cases that resulted in changes in the U.S. Supreme Court’s interpretations of the Fifth and Sixth Amendments and the custodial protections that are provided under these Amendments

Discuss the past, present, and possible future applications of the following for suspects in police custody:
The right to remain silent
The right to counsel

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