Assignment 1: Developing a Training Program

Assignment 1: Developing a Training Program
The proper role for a psychologist in interrogations is to serve as a consultant for psychological science. However, you will not serve as an interrogator while acting as a psychologist. Therefore, your job is to provide scientific information to make the process of interrogation more valid and reliable.
In this assignment, you will provide scientific information about two areas of interrogation.
Part 1
The precinct captain wants to develop a training program for interrogators in detecting deception. To develop the training program, the captain asks you to identify the three most common signs or cues of deception in verbal responses and behavioral posturing and to report the reliability and validity of each cue.
The captain wants the training program to be ready in five days.
In a minimum of 150 words, respond to the following:
• Which behavioral cues of deception will you report as having the greatest validity, and what evidence will you present to support your claim?
Part 2
Pick one of these three special populations:
• Juveniles
• Adults with low intelligence
• Individuals from a specific, nondominant culture
Review each of the three indicators of deception, identified in Part 1, with respect to one of these populations.
In a minimum of 200 words, respond to the following:
• Do you think the indicators will be less valid or have similar validity? Explain your answer with reasons.

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