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Assign 1: What are the creative strategies for each of these commercials? What is the main message that the advertiser wants to communicate?

Approx Length: 3 paragraphs

assign 2: Designing Organizational Structures
Tell me about the organizational structure of the present (or last) organization that you work for:

-How, if at all is the organization’s structure mechanistic? Please explain. Be specific.
-How, if at all, is the organization’s structure organic? Please explain. Be specific.
-If you were in charge, would you change the organizational structure of your organization in any way? How so? Be specific.
Approximate length: 450 words.

Assign 3: Debate: Which is usually more appropriate for modern corporations: mechanistic structures or organic structures?

-Explain both sides of this argument. Provide a persuasive argument for both sides of the argument;
-Select a side of the argument and only argue that one side after you have explained both sides of the argument. Be compelling yet well researched.
Approximate length: 600 words.

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