ANTH 386C: Anthropology of Islam

Ethnography Reading Response Papers

Marsden, Living Islam


Format: 4-6 pages (not including references), double-spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 point font. The paper should be well- organized, free of excessive errors, and formal in tone and follow AAA (Chicago) style guidelines for in-text citations and references. Quotations from course texts should used sparingly, cited and clearly marked.



This paper is an opportunity formulate your own individual critical response to the ethnography of your choice, focusing on two questions: 1) what this work contributes to our general understanding of Islam and 2) what it contributes to our understanding of anthropology or specific anthropological concepts. When I say “our” understanding, I am asking you to think not just about what you, individually, learned from it but what it contributes to the general store of knowledge and perspectives on the topic.

You may certainly draw on insights that you developed in your reading journals, but this should be a more formal, structured piece of writing than I expect in the journal format.

Finally, this paper should not summarize the work—you should refer to specific claims, arguments and anecdotes from the book in order to flesh out your answer to the broader prompt rather than simply to reiterate what the book is about.



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