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The Final Paper

1. An introduction in which you state where you worked, who supervised you and what your job description was. Was the job description accurate? If not, describe what you actually did.

2. Report a success or positive experience you had during the internship.

3. Describe a challenge you faced during the internship. How was it resolved, or if it went unresolved, how could it have been resolved professionally?

4. How could you have improved your performance of your duties and responsibilities?

5. Identify at least three concepts, theories or research from your human services, psychology or sociology course work that is helpful to understand and/or critically reflect on your internship experience. You need to have one from each of the three academic disciplines. Explain each concept, theory or research in detail and describe how it was relevant to gaining a deeper understanding of your internship experience.

6. What is the vision and mission of the agency or organization at which you worked? How could this agency or organization improve its performance and better achieve its vision and mission?

7. What were three important things that you learned during this semester’s internship?

Note: The Final Paper is a college paper. Spelling, grammar and style count! Write your essay in paragraph form. There should be at least on paragraph for each of the key items listed above. The paper should have an identifiable introduction, body and conclusion. Proofread your papers before submission.


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