Although Ann and Ryan have always known that it is important to comply with equal employment opportunity legislation and other relevant employment laws, it has been eight years since they conducted any sort of discrimination analyses at their company. They ask you to evaluate the sales- associate position for any evidence of discrimination based on gender or ethnicity. The first level of disparate impact analyses are typically done at the establishment level, which for Chern’s is a single store. Chern’s asks you to focus on its flagship store- it’s largest-which has 140 full-time and 50 part-time sales associates. Chern’s gives all department and store managers bias and diversity training, and has never been sued for disparate treatment. Because it knows that adverse impact is still a risk, the company asks you to analyze its full-time sales associate hiring data for evidence of adverse impact.
Tables A-2, A-3, and A-4 (located in the Additional Resources) summarize the data you will need to use in your analyses. The data for the sales associate flow statistics are based on the previous five years of staffing at Chern’s flagship store.
Assignment Response, provide a response to the following:
• Provide a disparate impact analysis. To do this, provide a table with calculations followed be and analysis.
o Stock Statistics
o Concentration Statistics
o Flow Statistics (using the four-fifths rule)
• Next, recommend strategies Chern’s can use to alleviate any discrimination you may find.
Written Requirements
Your responses to assignments should be:
• submitted using MS word
• formatted in APA writing style
o title page, body, reference page
o double spaced
o one-inch margins all around
o use third person (recommendations include)
o do not use first person (I recommend, or I think)
o essay questions or calculations should be addressed separately and should include separate headings
o use tables if appropriate for calculations
o text should be Times New Roman, black, 12-point font
o 5 pages not including title and references, ensure that you answer the questions/prompts in a way that demonstrates your knowledge and understanding

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