The age of onset and gender are factors that describe the prevalence of certain types of mental illnesses. While the onset of some mental illnesses is related to genetic or physiological factors, that of others is influenced by factors such as environment and lifestyle choices. Socioeconomic factors also increase the risk for certain health conditions. Finally, in humans, cognitive abilities, such as problem solving and memory, change with age and a number of factors influence how these abilities change.

  • Research a specific mental disorder. Describe the symptoms considered for the diagnosis, the age of onset, and prevalence, if any, by gender. Explain some of the factors that may influence the onset and prevalence of the disorder.
  • Describe the most common conditions influenced by socioeconomic factors on the basis of correlative evidence. Explain some of the ways in which the prevalence of these conditions can be decreased.
  • Describe some factors that can have a negative influence on and some factors that can improve or maintain a person’s problem-solving ability and memory with age. Support your answer with relevant, real-life examples from your personal observations.

Submission Details:

  • Cite all sources in APA format.
  • Support reasoning with examples and research.
  • Attach a Report.
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