Module Two

Students are required to answer one of the following:

  1.  You are an African-American who has just heard Marcus Garvey espousing his beliefs about the New Negro.  What changes will you and your family make based on his teachings?  What is your assessment of race-relations in the 1920’s in Atlanta, Georgia?
  2. You and your family are living in Chicago, Illinois in 1932, the Depression has affected your family in a variety of ways. Whom do you blame for your economic status?  How has the Depression affected your family members?  What do you feel about President Hoover?

The grading criteria for this 10 points essay are as follows:

  • (3 points) A maximum of three points will be given based on the use of imagination and creativity when creating their essay.
  • (3 points) A maximum of three points will be given based on the correct use of historical facts, persons and events in an accurate historical manner.  For example, an essay dealing with the Reconstruction period should include appropriate references to that time period.
  • (2 points) The student can earn up to two points for properly addressing the question or situation asked in the original essay assignment.
  • (2 points) A final two points will be awarded for the essay’s presentation.   The body of the essay should meet the following criteria:
  • The essay should be at least two complete pages of text using standard font and margin size.  No references will be needed in terms of footnoting etc. Obvious mistakes, such as misspelled words and incorrect grammar should be avoided.   The essay should be proofed by the student to ensure that the question posed has been addressed.


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