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Advanced Qualitative Research for Education

Assignment is: Course Reflection


1) Write three pages reflection about the course include the below pointes:

a) First

i) Look over syllables for this assignment (see attachment)

ii) Write over all about this course include the subject in the syllables

iii) Write about ” how this course is good to me as a researcher ” be specific”

b) Then be MORE specific ” write a bout the activities that we hade it in the class” including below:

i) Each student did a chapter presentation ” how this improve me and my skills”

ii) Participant and present in ATLAS week (this is an important point write deep about it )

(1) https://www.slu.edu/atlas-week-home/atlas-week-2018

(2) https://www.slu.edu/globalcitizenship/atlas-week/2018.php

iii) Offer an option to participant and write a chapter week (this is an important point write deep about it)

c) Book that we had it in this course

i) Thoughts about this book

ii) Did you recommend it and WHY

iii) What is the most piece about it

Book is :

Advanced Qualitative Research: A Guide to Using Theory” by Michelle O’Reilly and Nikki Kiyimba

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