You are the administrative assistant to Luis, the CEO of Sunny Days, which is a small, residential solar panel company in Phoenix, Arizona. Last week, Luis laid off 40% of his employees due to plummeting revenue from ever-growing local competition. Several days after the reduction in force, his 15 remaining employees are still suffering from survivor guilt, and rather than working, they huddle together, seemingly speculating on whether they might be laid off next.

Luis decides to hold a meeting to cheer them up by announcing his plan to increase revenue and edge out competition: flexible, 2-year-same-as-cash financing options for new customers, plus 20% discounts for existing customers looking to upgrade to the latest technology.

He needs you to design his presentation for the meeting. Not only must the presentation sell them on his plan, but it needs to restore his employees’ morale and motivation.

Create an 8- to 12-slide presentation for Luis using at least two motivational theories from this week’s curriculum. Prepare responses for both opportunities and challenges Luis may encounter as he tries to motivate his employees and sell them on his plan.

Your thoughts should on each summarized in the Speaker Notes. Content on the slides themselves should be limited to clear graphics and short bullet points. Each slide should have complete speaker notes (about 75 words per slide) in which you provide the language you would use to present and elaborate on the content on your slides.

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