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Action Learning Gurus

In the background materials you viewed two short animated videos that helped introduce you to the basics of action learning. For this discussion take a look at some more “serious” videos from some of the leading authorities on action learning.

Reg Revans is one of the early founders of action learning and his videos tend to be extremely serious in tone. Several of his classic videos are available on YouTube. More recent videos are also available by Michael Marquardt, another leading authority on action learning and author of one of the required background readings. Take a look at some videos from both of these action learning experts and share the links to couple videos that you found the most interesting or at least kept you awake.

What are your overall impressions of Drs. Marquardt and Revans? Which one seemed to be more authoritative or better at explaining the concepts? Anything useful in the presentations that helped you learn or absorb the concepts covered in the required background materials? Or did you just have trouble staying awake? Let your classmates know what your recommendations are regarding these videos.

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