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A new mobile phone company wants its IT department (that you are working for) to prepare a web portal. At first meeting, the head of the PR department states that their web portal will be a large website that provides several services such as searching, news, directories, discussion groups, shopping, and links to other sites. Two teams (6+6) will be working on the project one of which works in the same building with the owner of the portal. She also states that without the site in place, it is often very difficult to know how users will react to it. However the reactions should lead the organization of the website and navigation of its features. She wants to put a massive multi player entertainment application on the web site which they believe boost the attention of people to their portal. Within the other features, they pay attention to this facility the most. The website under consideration is the biggest strategy for high market share. Considering all above statements list the most appropriate life cycle model for this project? Provide your reasoning? . State its pros and cons ?

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