prepare a 5-7 page literature review paper double-spaced in 12 point Times Roman font; 1” margins on all sides. Document has to be uploaded to Blackboard by the required deadline in a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) format. Using APA format and which contains graduate level writing, including cover page, abstract, and running head in proper APA format. The paper must contain at least five (5) scholarly, peer-reviewed references from within the past 10 years. Only one (professional, scholarly) website may be used, as well as your text, however neither may be included in the five scholarly references. Cover sheet, abstract, and/or reference lists are not included in your page count, but are expected to be included.
My paper should discuss the following:1. A brief overview of the issue and my rationale in selecting this advocacy issue2. The issue’s relevance to the mental health counseling profession, my class, and my program(MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling) 3. A summary of the literature pertaining to the advocacy issue 4. Address ethical, legal, multicultural, and social justice issues pertaining to the topic. Consider discussing my findings from the implicit bias tests.5. My general belief/opinion/assessment of the issue, and to what degree I will advocate for this issue, presently or in the future. Consider discussing my findings from the implicit bias tests.
Topic:Advocacy for Professional Issues in diagnosis of practice in mental health counseling

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