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Assignment “Debate Issues on Globalization” MGT 3600

 Please view the posted videos in Learning Module 2 -Activities relating to the Debate on Globalization. The videos may take time to load on your computer, so please be patient. You will require Apple QuickTime player (or Microsoft Media Player) to view these videos.

This is an individual essay assignment. After watching the provided videos, write an essay paper discussing the various Globalization issues and answer the debate questions below, presenting a cogent argument in favor of your positions. I expect your research in presenting your viewpoints should include more than just the textbook and the provided video clips. This being an essay paper and not a short answer assignment, I would expect the paper (3- 4 pages) to contain a brief introduction, body of paper, then a conclusion as to your feelings about the ever-increasing globalization environment of business.

  1. How does Globalization affect national sovereignty of both developing countries as well as developed countries? [By sovereignty, we mean the independence of countries to make decisions and conduct policy in different areas like the economy, corporate and industry related legislation, environmental regulations, politics, etc.] In discussing your viewpoints, please provide a specific example of how globalization infringes on the national sovereignty of, a) a developing country, and, b) a developed country? What role do super-national organizations, like the WTO, play in infringing on a country’s sovereignty?
  2. Explain how Globalization can have the effect of diluting national cultures? Please provide a couple of examples from the videos of how globalization has affected the culture of a country? Were the effects in your opinion, good or bad?
  3. The debate on globalization also explores host governments limited ability to affectively monitor Corporate Accountability of large and powerful Multinational Companies (MNCs). Discuss this issue and cite examples from the videos regarding Corporate Accountability (or the lack thereof), demonstrated by MNCs in their international dealings with host countries?
  4. Conclusion: The videos make the argument that Globalization has produced winners and losers in terms of developed versus developing countries and that not everyone has benefited equally. In the Conclusion section of your paper, present your opinion regarding whether the pros have outweighed the cons for the plurality of world citizens?

This assignment is worth 50 points. You should use other resources when completing this assignment and please cite any references that you use in your paper body as well as on a reference page at the end of the paper. Format for the paper should follow the guidelines in the Individual Case Papers -Rubric found in the Important Information section of the Contents tab.

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