1. Review the Vision 2030
  2. Write a 4 – 5 pages paper that summarizes the vision, governance, themes, programs,
  3. and how these changes will support the improved healthcare of Saudi Arabian citizens.
  4. Then answer these questions in the concluding slides of the presentation:
  5. What is the future of healthcare in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?
  6. What are the non-pharmaceutical methods that the Ministry of Health could use to prevent the spread of disease?
  7. What steps has the Ministry of Health taken to prepare for pandemic events?
  8. How is information accessed and exchanged regarding disease outbreaks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?
  9. How does the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia suffer from non-communicable diseases that is the highest cause of mortality?
  10. What is the risk of a re-emergence of infectious disease outbreaks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Please use the following headings:

  • Introduction
  • Vision 2030
    • Governance
  • Themes
    • Programs
  • The Future of Healthcare in KSA
    • Disease Prevention
  • Pandemic Preparation
    • Disease Outbreaks
  • Non-Communicable Diseases
    • Re-emergence of Infectious Disease
  • Conclusion
  • References


  1. 4 – 5 pages
  2. APA format
  3. In text citations of at least 8 studies

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